There is a multi-faceted REVOLUTION going on in our world. All of our systems are reaching end-point as our consciousness expands. 

I’ve been following the money searching for the crux of our problems. My son pointed out that evolution has built into consciousness the awareness of “not good enough”… always trying to better our “selves”… whether we be a human or a grapefruit, and getting more (in this case, money) was what our immature consciousness saw as the means to reach that end.

But we are now  poised to take a leap, as up to this point, the consciousness of our “self” has been individual / racial / national, or some other grouping of human, and it has wrecked havoc on everything else on our little home planet. Nature is always performing a balancing act, and in her infinite wisdom has used our flaws to bring us to an expanded awareness ever since the beginning (whenever that was), and this is no exception.

The economic systems that we’ve lived under no longer serve the new improved human consciousness.


Join us here as we explore together a new/old idea, offering each other support and encouragement as we bungle through this next new phase.



E Komo Mai! – Welcome!
Donna Chameleon in the banana republic gifting costumeThat’s me in my original, one-of-a-kind, exclusive, banana republic outfit. The banana patch is the sweat-shop… my sweat! (lol) I give my sweat with each swing of the machete and the banana trees spurt, ooze, dribble, and rub their staining sap all over my costume, creating one-of-a-kind colors and patterns… (talk about gifting!)  And I’m ready for the world stage! An added bonus is that my outfit constantly changes as new stains are added with each wearing and washing. Hard to get tired of these clothes, so no need to buy new ones… and when they get holes, patches will sparkle them up even more.


For my whole adult life I have been pulling away from the capitalist system
How capitalism worksas I saw its destructive nature.

So I sought out alternatives:

I intentionally work on using less and less money (falling well below the “poverty level” in America).

I grow a large part of my own food, and am lucky enough to live in a friend’s beautiful garden that I take care of – gratis both ways.

I’ve never believed in the American Dream of “owning” my own home. In the middle of my friends beautiful garden, in the 192 sq. ft. Jade Palace (formerly know as the “Gardener’s Shack”), I sleep, keep my few belongings, talk to my cat, and pursue my artistic endeavors (including this blog), and I’ve traveled by bus for many years.

In the midst of it all I think I live a very luxurious life.

The Jade Palace gift
The Jade Palace

From my deep connection with the natural world, it is obvious that Nature does not keep accounts or ask for anything in return when she showers her gifts in great abundance, and accepts gifts without guilt or feeling any need to “give back”… that happens naturally when Life is expressed fully. Our species is the only one that keeps books and “tit-for-tat”s.

In ecology, anything that any species produces is a gift to the whole – Charles Eisenstein

This blog is an attempt at becoming more immersed in the Gifting Culture and the Gifting Economy through the GIFTING REVOLUTION. I wish to connect with others with similar desires, so we can share experiences and ideas; cheer each other on, and kiss the boo-boos when we fall down. And for those of you who think “bullshit”, or “it’s impossible”, I welcome you to simply be a voyeur if you choose. Check out the weirdos! (My secret hope is that it will rub off on you.)

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