Programming, a change in consciousness, and REVOLUTION

I called my mission A GIFTING REVOLUTION because I see that the human family is in deeeeeep du-du, it is all linked back to money, and we are in need of a REVOLUTION.

Politics – what a mess! Those who are supposed to be our representatives – doing right by us, are mostly a bunch of thugs and crooks

Education – an indoctrination system to propagandize the young to become no more than consuming slaves and soldiers

Health – Most doctors are no more than drug pushers, educated by a system designed to maximize profit, and propping up a pharmaceutical industry with the same goal

Environment – a small blue planet laid to waste by pollution and war

No informed person can deny what lies at the bottom all of our ills.

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

I believe that our species needs a change in consciousness, because our programming into the capitalist mindset has been such that we don’t even realize how deep it goes.

There is no blame here. We were all born into and programmed by the money culture. But I believe that Freedom lies in being aware of this programming, resulting in intelligent action. Quoting one of my favorite revolutionaries, John Trudell: “If we use our minds in a clear coherent manner we will not accept the unacceptable”… the unacceptable being the worship of, and being controlled by,  coinage.

I challenge you to watch your actions for a day… everything you do… and ask yourself this question: “What was my decision to do this based on?”

I am very interested to hear your answers.